Inspirational Clothing Designed to Inspire You!

Our Inspirational T-Shirts Rock!

Lip Positive Threads was created by a woman who followed her dreams, literally.  Each of our threads has a word and empowering message.  As you peruse our threads, look for this word and the meaning behind it, so you can choose the piece that empowers you the most! 

Our Lip Positive Movement is all about spreading self-love and body confidence.  Help us spread the word that we are all perfect just the way we are right now.  Embrace our uniqueness and remember how foxy we are right now! 

We ask you to lean on our threads for your daily inspiration.  The inspiration may stem from our Tree Pose Tee that reminds you to breathe today or our Possibilities Tee that opens your eyes that anything is possible at the start of a new day.  Let our inspiration be your inspiration!

Our designs are printed on high quality fabrics designed to empower you to be your best you!

Our apparel is crafted using the finest fabrics, which offer amazing fits.  

Our Collections of inspirational t-shirts offer many unique options from our Signature Collection to our Spirit Animal Collection. Our Signature Collection is just us!  Our Yoga Collection offers our spin on yoga poses.  Each pose has a meaning.  You will want to wear these inspirational t-shirts to Yoga Class!  Our Spirit Animal Collection is inspired by the idea that every person has a Spirit Animal guide.  Our Nature Collection offers unique graphics that are a gentle reminder to be nearer to nature providing serenity and connection to Mother Earth.  Our Nighttime Collection is printed on super soft sleepwear.  Each piece has an inspirational phrase.  This phrase is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see as you are going to sleep!  Our Humor Collection is just funny.  Enjoy it!  Our Zodiac Collection celebrates the uniqueness of every Astrological sign.  Our designs are custom made to bring out each sign’s personality.  You may have a laugh as you peruse this Collection.  Our Mantra Collection gives inspiration to the person standing behind you!  Help us spread positivity with this Collection!  Our Elite Collection is coming soon.  Stay tuned!

At LPT, our threads are not just threads, but, wearable inspiration to uplift you throughout life’s journey.  Lean on us to provide you with a gentle reminder to just breathe or to choose happiness today.  

Our logo combines the symbol for WOMAN and the Japanese/Chinese symbol for STRENGTH.  We are WOMEN STRONG.  The lips are a reminder to speak out positivity!