Join Our Lip Positive Movement!

Help Us Spread Positive Vibes!

We Stand for Women Empowering Women to Self-Love and Self-Care

We hand screen print every thread at our shop in Connecticut!  Created by a stay-at-home mom of three, our mission is to empower  us girls to celebrate ourselves through self-love and self-care.

Each of our tees, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, totes, etc. has a word and an empowering message.  Some of these words are hidden within the graphic image, some are not.  As you peruse our threads, look for the printed word and the meaning behind it, so you can choose the piece that empowers you the most!

Join our LIP POSITIVE MOVEMENT!  Help us spread the word to all of us girls out there that we are perfect just the way we are right now.  Embrace our uniqueness and remember just how foxy we are!  Each of our threads shouts out a positive message.  As you rock our threads, help us share our mission of shouting out positivity in every day motion.

Our designs are printed on high quality fabrics designed to empower you to be your best YOU! 

Our logo combines the symbol for WOMAN and the Japanese/Chinese symbol for STRENGTH.  In translation, our logo means WOMEN STRONG.  The lips are next to a positive sign.  We stand for women empowering women to speak out positivity to spread self-love and self-care!

Join our Lip Positive Movement!