Lip Positive Movement

Our  Lip Positive Movement mission stands for total body acceptance and self-love.  We urge you to take a 30 day Lip Positive Movement Challenge to change your thinking.  Each time you hear a negative body image thought, recognize it, and replace it with a self-loving and confident thought.   So many women see themselves as unworthy with regard to their self image.  We are taught to look like the women on magazine covers or keep up with the latest social media fad which promises to improve our physical appearance.  We are taught that thinner is better, younger is better, etc.  How about just accepting yourself for who you are right now at this one moment in time?   

In 1968, women burned their bras as a rebellion against society’s viewpoint of how women should look.  Not only did they throw away their bras, but, girdles too.  It’s 2024 shouldn’t WE decide if we should be bound by society’s views?  Just because we are shown the picture of the “perfect women”, do we need to compare ourselves?  Honestly, all comparisons end in a negative self-image and a feel bad. It’s so simple to change your perspective.  We have a new social media challenge!  It’s the 30 day Lip Positive Movement Challenge!   We challenge you to love your bodies Ladies, hold your head up high and love yourself just as you are!

As a statement of our mission, we are introducing our Lip Positive Movement tee.    Help us spread body positivity and self-love!